Our Services

Facility Supplies

Your Local Quality Supplier for:
Paper, Chemicals, Can Liners, Brooms, Brushes, Gloves, Mops, Buckets, Light Bulbs, Grounds Maintenance, Safety, Window Cleaning, Floor Machines and much more.

Foodservice Supplies

Your Local Quality Supplier for:
Cups, Plates, Cutlery, To-Go Containers, Bags, Food/Deli Containers, Sponges, Warewashing, Portion Cups, Napkins, Table Paper and much more.


MSS stocks professional carpet maintenance supplies including: Machines, Tools, Parts, Pre-sprays, Deodorizers, Rinses, Boosters and Spot Removers from brands like Chemspec and Pro’s Choice.


MSS stocks professional stone care supplies including: Daily Cleaners, Deep Cleaning Scrubs, Etch Removers and Polishing Compounds from brands like Stone Pro.

Machine Repair

Monterey Supply is a certified machine repair location. We repair vacuums, floor machines, carpet extractors, auto scrubbers and more. We repair machines by Bissel, Eureka, HOST, Koblenz, Nobles, NSS, Oreck & Viper as well as most other manufacturers.


We are a certified participating distributor for the PG&E LED replacement lamp program. With this program through MSS, your entire facility can switch to state of the art LED lighting for a fraction of the cost compared to installing them yourself. For further information on the program, call our office today and click here…LED LIGHTING


All fluorescent lamps are considered hazardous waste in California because they contain mercury. When these lamps or tubes are placed in the trash and collected for disposal, they can break releasing mercury into the environment. Harmful vapors can be absorbed through the lungs and mercury can be washed into waterways, eventually becoming detrimental to the ocean ecosystem.
Some batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel. Many communities do not allow them to be thrown away with regular trash and therefore recycling is always the best option for disposing of them.
We offers Recycle Kits for Mercury-containing lamps and also for batteries. Please contact us today to gain more information on our Recycle Kits.

Medical Waste Service

Altius Medical, a division of Monterey Sanitary Supply, is a certified medical waste transfer facility and transporter in the state of California. Altius manages medical waste streams that include Biohazard (red-bag), Pharmaceutical, Chemotherapy and Pathological wastes. Whether your facility requires a routine collection of medical waste or service on demand, Altius Medical will meet your needs.
For more information on medical waste disposal click here… ALTIUS MEDICAL.